7 Seconds, Kids For Cash, PMS on Sept. 20, 1985


This site is new and definitely “in progress.” I taped about 60 bands or so between 1985 and 1988 and so it will continue to be “in progress” until I finish posting all the videos:

5th Day, Kids For Cash, Lunch Meat, Mission Impossible, Dag Nasty, Government Issue, DOA, PMS, 7 Seconds, Modest Proposal, Marginal Man, Roadside Petz, Bells Of, Protem, Phlegm, Dain Bramage, Beefeater, Team Wattie, MFD, Scream, Mr. Potato Head, 11th Hour, Tigers, King Face, Foundation, Gray Matter, 9353, Half Japanese, Forgotten, Follow Fashion Monkeys, One Last Wish, Alter Natives, Saccharine Trust, Forth Coming, Inside Out, Sweeney Todd, Shudder To Think, Law Of Fives, SNFU, Gang Green, The Lemonheads, Jerry’s Kids, Th’Inbred, Moving Targets, Fire Party, Soulside, Pagan Babies, Justice League, Fugazi, Darkness At Noon, Honor Role, Doughboys, GWAR, Fidelity Jones, The Hated, Yesterday’s Parade, Moss Icon, Electric Love Muffin, Ruin, Descendents.

Please keep in mind that I was a teenager when I shot these shows and had zero proficiency with the equipment. And, as you might imagine, nobody was doing anything with the lights or the sound to make things any better. What you get here is what was recorded on my Betamax and probably best appreciated with a bit of generosity as a viewer.

If you notice any mistakes or typos or were in one of the bands and would prefer not to be included, please contact me. Meantime, there’s a bit more backstory if you’re interested and don’t forget to check out the DC Public Library’s Punk Archive, where these original videotapes are now being housed.

Until soon …


P.S. On a technical note, the “tags” on the right side of all the pages are keywords, not links to name-specific content, so yes, when you click on “The Meatmen,” you’ll get Dag Nasty.